information on A.o.d (always on display) settings


Samsung Gear S2 and S3 always on display 

How to: Samsung Gear S2/S3 Always on mode setting on/off

Keep the watch in the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 and S3 always on, follow these procedures:

Gear S2

 Enable the Gear S2 Always On Function

  1.  Press the home button or turn the dial of your Gear S2 to access the main screen.  

  2.  Once the main screen is open swipe from the right of the screen to the left.

  3.  This will open the application shortcut menu.

  4.  Find ‘Settings’, which is the gear shaped icon at the very bottom of the menu. 

  5.  Once you have tapped on the settings icon, you will see the ‘Display’ option.

  6.  Tap once on ‘Display’.  

  7.  Using your finger, scroll down through the options until you reach the one that reads ‘Watch Always On’. 

  8.  You should see that there is a small white circle within a large gray circle to the right of the text. 

  9.  Tap one time on ‘Watch Always On’.  

  10.  You will receive a pop-up menu letting you know that enabling ‘Watch Always On’ will significantly increase battery consumption. 

  11.  Tap the X on the left side to close this window and not turn on the function, or tap the checkbox to the right side of the watch once to enable the function. 

  12.  Tap the checkbox now. 

  13.  The ‘Watch Always On’ indicator will now show a green circle with a white bar instead of a gray circle with a white circle.

  14. You have enabled the ‘Watch Always On’ function on your Gear S2.

    In order to turn the function off, simply repeat the steps in this guide.

Gear S3

 With the gear S3 your have to do this :

   Note: Enabling Watch Always On will increase battery consumption, so your battery will drain faster.

 Resetting Your Gear S2 / S3






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