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[Sticky] Sideload Android Watchfaces to the AllCal W1  


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11/01/2018 2:10 pm  

😊ok ok how do i do this?!

Watch these tips down below and your have soon the skins you like on it !

1. Hookup the watch with the delivered usb cable

2. Now on your pc there wil popup a window with a little hd on it and says phone memory , double clik on it.

3. Now you wil see a couple folders and search for this one what is named clockskin, now double click on it.(see picture 2.)

4. Now copy the downloaded skin you have downloaded from a > website < like this one ,so u can download your android watchface skin.

5. you will see the most are packed in a zip file and unpack them in a empty folder and name it like the package is.

That folder you are copying into the clockskin folder.

6. Now goto your Smart Watch hold down for a couple seconds the screen with the face plate and you can scroll left or right as long your seeing your uploaded skin touch it and tada its there.

(incase your not seeing it , scroll totally to the right and you see a refresh arrow push it and you see it goes totally to the right at the beginning of the faces, now scroll to the right and probaly your skin is there and push it .)

Remember your doing this on your own, and i am not responsible for you actions ^^

if your deleted something from the watch or did something wrong here are the originals folders so you can copy it back to the watch ;-).

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27/04/2018 11:34 am  

Thank you for posting this.  I was struggling to figure out how to do this with the Youtube videos I was watching.  And also thank you for the link to the watch faces.  Had not found that collection yet. 

I'm noticing that the watch faces that I load show up 3 times right next to each other.  All three seem to load the same watch face.  Weird glitch. 

Do you have any other tips that make using the Allcall W1 better?  I tried to get the Universal Launcher to work but the watch faces wouldn't scale properly.  I loved that it let me customize the widgets and it seemed to be far more developed than the stock launcher that comes on the watch but without being able to have a "normal" looking watch face. . . well that was a dead end.  🙁


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