About modgorilla

I am a creative graphic designer focused on modern eye catching designs. I am not only the graphic designer!
I can also do complete websites , Programming and developing mine own designs.

Texto Alternativo


Well i can telling you one thing for sure :

Follow your dreams, never give up, learn from mistakes, and do what you want to do, do stuff with passion, and you can make from your dreams your job!.
I created in the past a lot of designs, created virtual worlds and used all kind of nicknames to give people the magic and wow stuff.
Don’t only think different, be yourself and create magic

I am a big gadgets and Sci-fi fan, and i have a passion to create stuff.

Things i am always working on:


Apps                       busy with mineprojects at the moment, but need something  always ask!             

Icons                       lately very busy with designs but always can ask right!

Advertisement      needing a design, logo flyer for your company!,  yup message me.             

Webdesigns           need a design for your website feel free to bug me!

Concept Art           if you need a concept art style for whatever i am good in apocalypse and in sci-fi jup geuss again … message me!                

Widgets                   need something a project or for fun let me know

Watch faces            You want a own TM design let me know, a movie project!  just tick mine e-mail box          

Wallpapers             Want something special ?! message me !  yup in tha box  hit mine e-mail box

Themes                   Busy with mine own stuff at the moment!, but a special designs can always be done ! yup … tick mine box


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